Viewing the Mullenium Web Pages

Viewing the Newsletters

The Mullenium Newsletters were created using a program from Microsoft called PowerPoint.  They were then translated into a format known as PostScript Data Format or PDF.  In order to read a PDF file online, you need a plug-in to your browser from Adobe called Acrobat.  Get it by clicking on the link below.  It works with either Netscape or Internet Explorer




Most of the web pages use a font known as Lucinda Handwriting.  You don't need this font in order to view the web pages, but the pages will look niftier if you have it.  If you don't have the Lucinda Handwriting  font, click here.  A dialog box will pop up asking for the location in which to load your file.  In all likelihood, you will want to load this font into the directory C:\WINDOWS\FONTS.  If you're not sure of the directory in which your fonts are loaded, open up your Control Panel and click on the FONTS icon.  This will display all of the fonts that are currently installed on your computer and the directory in which they are installed.  If you are still having problems, email Jonathan and ask him for advice.